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The dogs and darlings of 2021 (and the stocks to watch in 2022)

– James Gerrish, Author of Market Matters & Portfolio Manager, speaks with Livewire Markets about the year ahead.

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The Bottom Line

Of the 3 stocks we picked out today we obviously like into weakness but the common denominator is we are being conservative looking at quality names that are being dragged lower by anti-growth sentiment:

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Income Report: Asset allocation framework when targeting income

Alphabet (GOOGL US) $US2705.21

Lastly as a US candidate Google is our choice especially as this is the main US tech name we like but don’t own at MM. The current pullback of around 10% has been very controlled illustrating that investors are reticent to sell their stock, it may not be the deepest pullback but remember MM doesn’t believe 2022 is the year to be particularly aggressive buying pullbacks.

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Income Report: Asset allocation framework when targeting income

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