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Active Income Portfolio

For those seeking a sustainable income strategy, with a difference.

About The Active Income Portfolio

About the Active Income Portfolio

Our philosophy at Market Matters has always been around active management, and our income portfolio stays true to label. Combining an active approach to income producing equities, ETFs and listed Income Securities such as Hybrids, the portfolio will satisfy those looking for sustainable income with a difference.

Portfolio Performance
Portfolio1M3M6M1Y3Y paITD pa*
Active Income Portfolio2.05%6.27%9.04%21.13%9.05%8.05%
Target 7%0.58%1.75%3.50%7.00%7.00%7.00%
* Inception date 05/07/2017
Portfolio Holdings trade now
BHPBHP Group Ltd5LowLong11/12/201937.7349.224.3341.93
CBACommonwealth Bank of Australia7ModerateMedium13/03/202061.33103.453.1973.88
CBAPGCommonwealth Bank Hybrid5ModerateMedium9/04/2018100102.7414.2416.98
CWNHBCrown Resorts Ltd4ModerateMedium26/05/202198.2697.251.020.01
IAGInsurance Australia Group Ltd6ModerateMedium21/10/20204.695.118.96
IFLIOOF Holdings Ltd6ModerateMedium7/10/20203.594.360.0723.4
IGLIVE Group Ltd3ModerateMedium18/06/20182.281.40.44-19.3
MTSMetcash Ltd5ModerateMedium9/12/20203.53.610.116.29
MXTMCP Master Income Trust5LowLong9/10/201722.030.3619.5
NABNational Australia Bank Ltd7ModerateLong27/08/202018.7126.671.3549.76
NABPFNational Bank Hybrid5LowLong21/03/2019100105.7510.4516.2
NSRNational Storage REIT4ModerateMedium5/05/20212.042.050.49
SIQSmartGroup Corp Ltd5ModerateMedium25/02/20206.987.30.4811.46
SSMService Stream Ltd3HighMedium20/01/20211.770.910.04-46.61
TCLTransurban Group4ModerateMedium2/04/202011.8214.560.1624.53
TLSTelstra Corp Ltd8ModerateMedium7/09/20203.193.580.0513.79
XAROActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bon5LowLong21/10/201926.4726.081.33.44
Portfolio cash position: 9%
Recent Sales trade now
RIORio Tinto Ltd5ModerateMedium14/05/201994.42124.814.6147.65
AMPPBAMP Ltd4ModerateMedium24/12/201910097.615.943.55
SULSuper Retail Group Ltd4ModerateMedium20/01/202111.9512.10.475.19
WESWesfarmers Ltd5ModerateMedium15/05/202037.354.982.6154.4
NBINB Global Corporate Income Tru5LowLong26/09/201921.860.171.5
NABNational Australia Bank Ltd3ModerateLong16/03/202118.7126.270.4943.03
ABPAbacus Property Group4ModerateMedium10/03/20213.92.70.09-28.46
SYDSydney Airport4ModerateLong Term20/01/20215.636.18.35
CLWCharter Hall Long WALE REIT4LowLong Term20/01/20214.854.50.15-4.12
MQGPDMacquaire Group 5LowLong Term10/11/2020100104.87.3812.18
PPTPerpetual3HighMedium Term7/10/202042.89297.15-15.71
SULSuper Retail Group3HighMedium Term7/09/20206.1110.60.2878.07
WBCWestpac7.5ModerateMedium Term27/08/202027.8817.561.14-32.93
WPLWoodside Petroleum 4ModerateMedium Term12/08/202034.620.411.93-35.43
XARO AXWActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond5LowLong Term15/05/202026.4726.90.182.3
SKISpark Infrastructure 4ModerateMedium Term4/05/20202.161.870.11-8.33
SGPStockland3ModerateMedium Term15/04/20204.4730.14-29.75
MTSMetcash4ModerateMedium Term27/03/20202.623.1118.7
NABNational Australia Bank5ModerateMedium Term13/03/202030.1215.746.15-27.32
CBAPFCBA Capital Note Mar-225LowLong Term25/02/2020101.85103.314.115.27

Recent Opinion for the Income Portfolio

BHP Group (BHP)

Currently MM’s major exposure to the classic Resources Sector is through heavyweight BHP Group (BHP) but we anticipate moving back to a large overweight stance at some stage in 2021, hence today’s report after the FOMC meeting and subsequent rally in the $US.

Read more

Commonwealth Bank (CBA) $103.45

MM has called CBA over $100 since I can remember but the picture is getting more bullish both technically and fundamentally almost by the day.

Read more

IOOF (IFL) $4.44

When we bought IFL in the Income Portfolio towards the end of 2020 the news flow was horrible, much like the backdrop was for the banks during their darker days, however as the negative rhetoric around financial planning has eased the stock has rallied.

Read more

National Storage REIT (NSR) $2.08

NSR Halt: the storage REIT spent the day in halt as they look to raise $325m in a non-renounceable entitlement offer. The company is looking to re-organise its balance sheet after a spree of acquisitions with the tone of the presentation suggesting it’s unlikely to slow down just yet

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BHP Group (BHP) $49.39

MM holds BHP in 3 of our portfolios, the resources giant has really helped our performance since the peak of the COVID panic.

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History of Actions for the Income Portfolio

UPDATED 17/06/2021 09:07
MM will review SSM again post results in August
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UPDATED 17/06/2021 09:05
MM remains bullish CBA medium term
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UPDATED 10/06/2021 10:32
MM remains bullish IFL
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UPDATED 09/06/2021 12:53
We plan to take profits on RIO
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UPDATED 09/06/2021 12:01
MM are trimming CBA & NAB in the Flagship Growth Portfolio reducing by 3% taking each weighting to 7%
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UPDATED 09/06/2021 11:46
MM are adding to SIQ in the Active Income Portfolio, allocating a further 2% around $7.15
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UPDATED 09/06/2021 11:44
MM are adding to IFL in the Active Income Portfolio, allocating a further 2% around $4.36
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UPDATED 09/06/2021 11:39
MM are adding to TLS in the Active Income Portfolio, allocating a further 2% around $3.58
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UPDATED 09/06/2021 11:38
MM are selling RIO in the Active Income Portfolio, taking profit around $125
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UPDATED 08/06/2021 16:50
MM remains bullish NSR
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