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Flagship Growth Portfolio

For those seeking an active approach to investing in large cap ASX stocks

About the Flagship Growth Portfolio

About The Portfolio

The flagship Market Matters portfolio that provides an active approach to investing in ASX listed large cap stocks. This is a high conviction portfolio,  will go to high levels of cash if warranted and can benefit from market downturns by investing in funds that inversely track the market.

Portfolio Performance
Portfolio1m3m6m1y3y paITD pa*
Flagship Growth1.26%2.38%20.44%42.73%11.87%14.12%
Target Return 10%0.83%2.50%5.00%10.00%10.00%10.00 %
* Inception date 10/05/2016
Portfolio Holdings trade now
A2Ma2 Milk Co Ltd/The3HighMedium17/02/202110.118.26-18.3
BHPBHP Group Ltd9ModerateMedium21/08/201934.7246.013.2041.73
CBACommonwealth Bank of Australia10ModerateLong13/03/202059.8887.83.5452.54
CSLCSL Ltd4ModerateMedium16/03/2021262.79267.81.91
CWNCrown Resorts Ltd4HighMedium17/11/20209.6912.0324.15
HUBHUB24 Ltd4ModerateMedium7/04/202122.7922.69-0.44
LLCLendlease Corp Ltd5ModerateMedium4/05/202011.9113.250.17312.7
MFGMagellan Financial Group Ltd3ModerateMedium7/09/202058.1249.321.28-12.94
MNDMonadelphous Group Ltd3HighMedium19/08/20209.8910.590.5312.44
MP1Megaport Ltd3HighMedium22/09/202015.6812.23-22
NABNational Australia Bank Ltd10ModerateMedium16/06/202018.2726.720.4348.6
NCMNewcrest Mining Ltd7ModerateMedium12/08/202029.3527.190.45-5.83
NWHNRW Holdings Ltd5HighMedium21/10/20192.312.030.05-9.96
RHCRamsay Health Care Ltd4ModerateMedium17/09/202067.6468.010.691.57
WHCWhitehaven Coal Ltd4HighShort7/04/20211.791.853.07
XROXero Ltd3ModerateLong2/04/202070.68146.08106.68
Z1PZip Co Ltd3HighMedium14/07/20206.759.6142.37
Portfolio cash position: 16%
Recent Sales trade now
VUKVirgin Money UK PLC4ModerateMedium3/02/20212.623.4933.21
EHLEmeco Holdings Ltd3HighMedium18/03/20192.130.94-55.87
ALLAristocrat Leisure Ltd3ModerateMedium14/07/202030.9335.7515.58
BPTBeach Energy Ltd5ModerateMedium11/12/20192.041.70.03-15.2
AWCAlumina Ltd5ModerateMedium15/05/20201.521.690.1017.76
CBACommonwealth Bank of Australia3ModerateLong16/03/202159.8887.543.5452.1
OZLOZ Minerals Ltd5ModerateMedium10/03/202119.1621.512.21
CGCCosta Group Holdings Ltd3HighMedium17/02/20214.514.080.08-7.7
S32South32 Ltd3ModerateMedium8/02/20212.242.6317.41
VOCVocus Communications3ModerateMedium3/02/20213.454.1821.16
SGRStar Entertainment Group4ModerateMedium17/11/20203.153.7619.37
WSAWestern Areas4ModerateMedium10/11/20202.561.98-22.66
BVSBravura Solutions Ltd3HighMedium10/11/20204.53-33.33
MQGMacquaire Group 3ModerateMedium22/09/2020123.38120.262.11-0.82
OZLOZ Minerals3ModerateMedium22/09/20209.7714.20.2147.49
SSMService Stream3ModerateMedium17/09/20202.751.810.06-32
BHPBHP Group3ModerateMedium17/09/202033.9837.531.3514.42
OZLOZ Minerals2ModerateMedium7/09/20209.7714.650.2152.1

Opinions for stocks held in the Growth Portfolio

Whitehaven Coal (WHC) $1.57

Leading into this update we’ve seen a consistent string of broker upgrades, Goldman Sachs upped it to $2.20 price target , Bell Potter to $2.35, and Morgan Stanley to a bullish $2.60, in other words, the market had become universally bullish WHC as coal prices rallied and WHC management did a good job of talking up the stock with a marketing push around town.

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Ramsay Healthcare (RHC) $68.01

Private hospital operator RHC has been trading sideways for almost a year and we feel as the COVID backdrop improves this quality business is positioned strongly. Our 4% holding is not huge and we may look to increase as we tweak across other areas.

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Zip Co (Z1P) $9.61

Z1P -1.23%: Jumped out of the blocks this AM after Citi upgraded to a BUY with an $11.30 PT, Z1P rallied to a $10.62 high before entering a trading halt to raise capital.

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Emeco Holdings (EHL) 95.5c

Most portfolios have a  “dog” lurking in their midst and ours undoubtedly is mining equipment rental business EHL which although it’s doubled over the last year has failed to regain the vast majority of it’s COVID losses.

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Xero Ltd (XRO) $143.22

Australian heavyweight tech name Xero (XRO) has now rallied almost 40% from its March low, a great illustration of cream floating to the top.

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Zip Co (Z1P) $9.73

Z1P +16.95%: Lead the index’s gainers today with a big jump on some strong quarterly numbers. The digital payments company saw revenue climb 83% on year to $112m as transaction volume hit $1.6b – more than double that of 3Q20.

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Monadelphous (MND) $11.02

In hindsight MM has unfortunately held onto our mining services positions in MND and NRW Holdings (NWH) too long and some great paper profits have vanished as corrections have been far deeper than we anticipated.

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National Australia Bank (NAB) $26.83

MM has made no secret of our like for banks moving forward and its held us in good stead over the last year but with its dividend looming in May an aggressive move on the upside by NAB wouldn’t surprise MM as yield hungry investors eye the fully franked offering.

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Actions for stocks held in the Growth Portfolio

UPDATED 15/04/2021 12:46
MM is long & bullish RHC
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UPDATED 15/04/2021 10:46
MM remains bullish – just!
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UPDATED 14/04/2021 12:39
MM is considering selling VUK at current levels
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UPDATED 14/04/2021 12:38
MM is considering selling MND ideally ~$12
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UPDATED 14/04/2021 12:34
MM remains bullish XRO from current levels
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UPDATED 14/04/2021 11:33
MM are selling VUK in the Flagship Growth Portfolio, taking profit around $3.50
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UPDATED 14/04/2021 11:33
MM are selling EHL in the Flagship Growth Portfolio, taking loss & increasing cash around 95c
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UPDATED 14/04/2021 11:27
MM is considering cutting our loss on EHL around 95c
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UPDATED 13/04/2021 17:32
UPDATED 13/04/2021 11:17
MM will consider trimming our NAB position into strength from say 10% to 5%.
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