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Calix (CXL) brings on ESG investor

CXL +39.69%: Our most recent purchase in the Emerging Companies Portfolio crashed through all-time highs today after selling a portion of a subsidiary to a US ESG investment firm.


Sydney Airport (SYD) warm to revised bid

SYD +4.63%: third time lucky for the bidders today with the suitors calling themselves Sydney Aviation Alliance getting a look behind the curtain of Sydney Airport.


Harvey Norman (HVN) repays Jobkeeper

HVN -3.24%: FY21 Results: A very strong FY21 for Harvey Norman once again showing that ‘old school’ retailing can print some impressive numbers.


Qantas (QAN) readies runway for travel

QAN +3.5%: FY21 Result: Obviously a year of losses expected for the flying Kangaroo however it was slightly less than we thought which is a positive

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