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Market Matters Q&A

Our Q&As are emailed in our Saturday morning Weekend Report, here’s a list for you to access them directly. If you have a question, we’d love to hear it.

The Latest Q&A

Question asked

HUB 24 (HUB) research

James and team

Thumbs up to your new format and for a great newsletter. Will definitely renew my subscription when it falls due middle of the year. Is it possible to have access to any research for Hub24 which you have recently recommended. The price seems to have encountered some headwinds lately. Are there any discernible issues for that?

Thanks and do keep up the good work.



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Question asked

Thoughts on MSB

After reading last night’s report. I was surprised at reading the Brokers moves on Mesoblast ADRs raised to buy at Maxim PT $18 ? This is a big jump was wondering what your thoughts where.

Cheers Craig

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Question asked

Question on RTG mining

Wondering if you have a view on RTG? Bit of a speccy mining play, and waiting on stage 1 mining confirmation.
If stage 2 has bigger deposits than reported (drilling was held up in previous arbitration with drilling partner) than the NPV of the mine is circa $1 a share. (currently about 75cNPV). Could be a significant catalyst?

Many thanks

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Question asked

MM stance on Monadelphous (MND)

Hi James,

Since it’s 1H21 results, have there been any financial, technical, political issues that have impacted the stock Monadelphous (MND)?


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Question asked

MM opinion on BBOZ

Hi Folks. Some really good stock picks lately and I have gotten on to a few of them. Thanks. I’d like your opinion on BBOZ please. Seeing as how you are tipping the ASX to get up around 7200, would it be wise to downsize on BBOZ and maybe get back in around the 7200 mark?

Thanks again.


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Question asked

Thoughts on Cryptocurrency trading

Hi James et al,

Over the last few months you have mentioned both etoro and Coinspot in terms of purchasing cryptocurrencies in this country. Can you pls elaborate on their engagement levels with ASIC and their regulatory compliance levels? Do you have a recommendation, and how/whom do you purchase your personal cryptocurrency through?


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Question asked

Greenland & Rare Earths

Interesting story in the weekend AFR on rare earth minerals and the potential position of Greenland in future supply. Could you give your opinion on which Australian ASX companies have interests in the country and their status. Reference is made to GGG.


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Question asked

Tackling Bitcoin

Good afternoon James (and team),

There was a segment regarding Grayscale Bitcoin Trust in this morning’s (6th April) email as quoted

“Since listing, the Trust has consistently traded at a premium to it’s underlying assets by as much as 40%, call it a safety premium however this has changed over the past week with the trust now trading at around an 8% discount. This is a bearish indicator for Bitcoin.”

Grayscale has stated that it is planning to convert its Bitcoin Trust GBTC into an American ETF, could this have caused the discrepancy between GBTC price and net asset value?

Is there a reason that Institutions would buy into Grayscale, as compared to the three Canadian ETFs already present?

Purpose Investment’s Bitcoin ETF (BTCC)

Evolve Bitcoin ETF (EBIT)

Cl Galaxy Bitcoin ETF (BTCX)

Thank you again,


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Question asked

How to buy volatility

Do you have an alternative to iPath S&P500 VIX short-term futures (VXX US) $US10.77

Nabtrade don’t appear to offer this ETF?

Regards, Scott Donald

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Question asked

MM view on BUB

Hi James and M&M, just looking for a view on BUB if it is cheap at the moment, and whether it’s capable of bouncing back along with A2M.

Thank you Tony

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