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Market Matters Q&A

Our Q&As are emailed in our Saturday morning Weekend Report, here’s a list for you to access them directly. If you have a question, we’d love to hear it. NB: Questions submitted prior to midday each Friday will be included.

The Latest Q&A

Question asked

Stock baskets

Hi guys!

Not a specific stock question this week. Do you know of a broker or app in Australia that allows you to create your own stock baskets for easy investment? Ie: Load all of your growth portfolio stocks into a basket for 1 click investment.

I know that some brokers offer baskets that they’ve made themselves, and I have found some overseas brokers that allow you to customise your own but none in Australia (outside of some crypto exchanges).


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Question asked

Time to buy Audinate (AD8)?

Hello MM team,

Thanks for your answers to all my previous questions.

I am an Audinate shareholder and have happily see them executing their strategy with great success. Their products are becoming industry standard, and from my enquiries, it seems users like their products very much.

Since its high in March, AD8’s share price has fallen over 24%.The insiders selling possibly contributed to the fall, as well as the changing perspectives about interests rates. Are there other reasons?
Is the selling overdone in your view, and should we use it to accumulate?



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Question asked

Thoughts on Silver Mines (SVL) and/or Silver

How about silver as a metal & SVL as “the biggest silver AU deposit”? Thanks


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Question asked

Your assesment of several stocks

Hi Team,

Congratulations on being right most of the time __________and admitting it when you’re not. Such candor is rare.

About a year ago I asked you about MCA , a Murray Cod fish farmer and you gave guarded though favourable assessment. Moreover, the news about the company is usually good and a recent article in ‘The Weekend Australian’ very positive. Yet, the price keeps dropping.

I have spoken with a director on the telephone several times and was told the base cause of their difficulties is that they cut production during Covid. Therefore when Covid passed there was a shortage of stock that could not me remedied for about 2 years. Last August or September I read that within 6 months there would be plenty of stock to sell and all would be well. All is not well. The price keeps dropping.

This company farms this fresh water fish above ground. Therefore, the waste water is full of nutrients that the farmers love and they want the poo too. The Murray Cod is an Australian fish found nowhere else in the world. It has evolved to deal with droughts and hot weather and low river levels. It is the ideal product for any fish farmer to farm. On top of this it is UTTERLY DELICIOUS. They claim they can sell all they can supply and always get a margin they are happy with. And yet the price keeps dropping. They claim not to be short of cash. And yet the price keeps dropping. The world famous chef Heston Blumenthal owns stock in the company and sells Murray Cod in his restaurants. And yet the price keeps dropping.

I wonder if you could have another look at this company and with your superlative analysis provide an opinion. Who knows you may wish to look at it for consideration in the Emerging Companies Portfolio.

Also, are you still keen on TWE or has the wine glut put you off?

Thank you,


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Question asked

Views on DEG, DYL and HLI

Hi James and team, Excellent service – keep it up!

DEG – keen on your thoughts on this stock, particularly as you are bullish gold towards 24/25. At 500koz/pa at spot, its trading at 2.4x market cap.

DYL – I note your strong preference for PDN but John Borsch ‘Mr Uranium’ is now behind DYL. Thoughts on DYL over PDN?

HLI – note your continued bullishness toward Aus banks. You’ve mentioned HLI from time to time so obviously this is on your radar. Trades at a grossed up div yield of ~10%. Just announced a further $100M buyback, so still throwing off capital. Thoughts?

Thanks, team – I really love your insights! Enjoy the weekend,



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Question asked

Thoughts on AIC Mines (A1M) and Treasury Wines (TWE) please

Hi Market Matters Team
A1M – AIC Mines has lifted with the copper price from around 41c to 56c in the last month (approx 35%) – What’s you view on this copper play – I know you prefer BHP but do you see further upside – at what price is there a good risk reward with A1M?
Can I have your current view on TWE – It has been trending lower since early April when it reached $13.01.


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Question asked

General investing and allowing for tax implications

I have been a subscriber since the very beginning and have found you reports and research a cut above the rest. Particularly making clear calls on stocks and the market,
My question is for an investor who is sitting on a large capital gain, should the implication of paying tax and therefore having less to reinvest ever be a consideration?
ie selling say cba shares for a total sum of $100k and paying tax of say $25k and only having $75k to reinvest in WBC for instance??


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Question asked

Would BHP have a go at Sandfire?


Thanks for the excellent anaysis of BHP’s second, and rejected, bid for Anglo in Tuesdays report. If we assume that BHP don’t come back for another crack at AAL and decide to walk away, where do you think they’ll look next?

Seeing as they were mainly after Anglo’s copper assets, is there a chance that BHP would be thinking about having a go at Sandfire? Being a pure copper company it would seem to suit BHP’s ambitions very nicely. And they could probably buy Sandfire with money from the petty cash tin.

Cheers, Carl


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Question asked

Preference for CTD over FLT as a “Growth’ stock

Saturday 4/5/24 Q&A – Preference for over as a “Growth’ stock.

Since June 2023 has outperformed CTD and arguably has outperformed both. NB classified as a Tech stock which may be providing a tailwind. In view of these circumstances should the MM strategy be tweaked?


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Question asked

BHP Anglo Bid

Hi MM,
Noting your positive view on the BHP bid for Anglo i would be interested in your thoughts on the less positive views put forward by another broker this week.
This broker is concerned BHP is looking to acquire a diversified miner in Anglo primarily to secure the copper assets but would then look to sell the non-copper assets – iron ore, platinum, nickel etc. The broker notes BHP’s track record in selling assets is very poor and argues “this is like BHP trying to buy a 6 bedroom house just to get the garage. There are multiple large risks in BHP long term in trying to sell off the assets they don’t want.”
Would you please provide your thoughts on this broker’s views?
Thanks & Regards


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