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Market Matters Q&A

Our Q&As are emailed in our Saturday morning Weekend Report, here’s a list for you to access them directly. If you have a question, we’d love to hear it.

The Latest Q&A

Question asked

Question on iCar Asia & Carsales

Hi my question relates to Icar Asia of which Carsales I understand are a major shareholder and which you topped up on recently. ICQ received an indicative bid of 50 cents a share back in Nov 2020 from US company Autohome but nothing further or concrete has been received since other than mention in Qtly reports that it is still in process subject to due diligence & approvals etc. They jumped to 35 cents last week but have drifted back to 29/30 level do you have any opinion on ICQ and what its potential maybe ?

 Regards and also congratulations on an excellent publication very insightful and  spot on to the current market !

Regards Peter

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Question asked

Question on IMU & BET

Hi James and Team,

Loving the new updates, in particularly the new podcast series. Sorry, few questions here so please be brief where you see fit. I have been watching IMU and BET with both stocks running pretty hard over recent months but have cooled off in recent weeks. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on both with comfortable entry points in mind (general advice only). Finally I acknowledge your Thursday evening note on Woolworths being neutral around $43. However, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the upcoming demerger of Woolworths. Generally, demergers have been positive for both companies and do you see it playing out this way for both Woolworths and Endeavour.

Thanks Jack

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Question asked

TNT or ORG – which one to sell?

Hi James,

thanks for the commentary. Its June and time to take the losses to offset the gains. Should I sell ORG or TNT? Which is more of a lost cause? Which has a better chance of recovery over the next 12 months?

Regards Ram

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Question asked

Is the market primed for a significant correction?

Hi James, Thanks for your market analysis and forecast. All market signs and indicators point to a very significant pull back in assets prices in the very near future. Do have an exact time or timeframe for this significant pullback? It appears we are edging closer and closer to a burst within 3 months?

Regards, Cade

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Question asked

Penisula Energy (PEN) – our thoughts

Morning Market Matters team, You have covered Peninsula Energy (PEN) back in March. Can you provide any updated commentary on your thoughts on this uranium play. Their recently announced SPP for retail investors follows a successful institutional capital raise to purchase Uranium. Do you think there is value in the placement? Still bullish on this small cap? Any other points to note?

Thanks Steve

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Question asked

Security of ETF’s

What are the governance risks when investing in an ETF rather than the underlying equities? ATEC is a good example.


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Question asked

Our updated thoughts on ALU

James ,

Still enjoying the insight on the market and our subscription has been a good investment for our smsf. We are holders of ASX:ALU and in view of recent events what would be your general advice re holding our selling. Also we have been stuck with ASX:LVT for a long time and we would be thankful for some general advice re sell or stick ( I suppose it’s only a loss when you sell )

Thanks again Gavin

Hi James and team,

Thanks for your good work! Altium has been downgraded to Underperform by RBC Capital, is that because it jumped so much in price? Would it be fair to expect it may go sideways from here for a while or drop back?

Thanks, Kim

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Question asked

Question on $US

Dear James and Team, Many thanks, I do enjoy your daily notes.

I have a mental block on this – or perhaps I am just “thick”. I do not quite understand when you say the $US trades around the 90 area and you expect it to trade around 88-95.  Could you please tell me what the $US is being compared with? Apologies for being so naive.  I would appreciate a response when you have time. Sent with my best wishes and very many thanks,  Jacqui

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Question asked

How should new subscribers attack the MM Portfolios

Hi James
I have decided to come on board and am looking forward to interacting with MM, thanks for the special offer. The decision facing me and probably other new comers to MM is that we are coming in with cash to invest or an existing portfolio or both. What strategy do you suggest to invest in MM portfolio’s considering that MM is recommending waiting for value opportunities at the next downturn. Also how do we tailor our existing portfolio to align with MM recommendations.

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