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Flagship Growth Portfolio

The Market Matters Flagship Growth Portfolio provides an active approach to investing in ASX listed large cap stocks – Click here to view

The MM Flagship Growth Portfolio rallied +0.57% last week while our cash position now sits at 1% after we purchased IGO Ltd (IGO). Our positive performance last weeks was aided by IGO Ltd (IGO) +6.8%, BHP Group (BHP) +4.9% and Aristocrat (ALL) +10.3% while Woolworths (WOW) -8.6% and Woodside (WPL) -6.8% dragged on the portfolio i.e. a little stock performance rotation percolating through.

Following our comments last week that MM had evolved our current stance from a “sell the pop” to “buy the dip” we went long IGO Ltd (IGO) as flagged, we now find ourselves basically fully invested. We are now looking for the market to regain some of its recent losses, Into EOFY and probably beyond, with the anticipated strength likely to be led by the tech and resources stocks although there’s certainly no sign of the former stepping up at this stage and with the SNAP’s plunge overnight it feels unlikely sentiment towards growth stocks will improve anytime soon.

Obviously the combination of our market view for the next few months and the portfolio being fully invested leaves us considering candidate’s for sale, hopefully into strength although one clear message from the last 6-months has been that stocks who don’t satisfy the market with their earnings are not attracting bargain hunters i.e. one major market characteristic that’s changed from the previous decade.

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