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ASX200 Rating highly held stocks – Woodside Energy (WDS)?

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ASX200 Rating highly held stocks – Woodside Energy (WDS)?

Woodside: Please explain the seeming removal of this gas/oil Australian & Global leader from your most highly held companies list in EOD report (the only large Australian energy corporate) ? Compared to A2M, HLS, PTM, SRG are really lower end investment grade in my opinion. Currently other alternative energy suppliers outside coal rate only as small local green hotties on global scale V's Woodside. The opinion of long term MM client with a very active and discerning investment focus, Cheers Steve K


Hi Steve,

Interesting timing on the question: after being bearish on WDS over the last 12-months, while the stock has fallen ~30%, MM has recently adopted a more constructive stance believing the Energy Sector, indeed led by WDS is “looking for a low”.

In terms of dividend yield WDS has been a top payer of late with investors expected to receive over 6% FF in the coming 12 months, although this is at the mercy of commodity prices. WDS is currently testing 2-year lows after OPEC surprised the market by removing output cuts, driving down the price of oil.

Regarding the Widely Held Stocks section of the Afternoon Note if that is what you are referring too, WDS does appear there – second from bottom right.

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Woodside Energy Group Ltd (WDS)
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