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Questions on WHC and WDS?

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Questions on WHC and WDS?

Hi, I to like WHC at around 4.25 , I was wondering it has hedge some money around U.S ...$ 0.72 is this a advantage to WHC ? with the dollar at U.S $ .69 Also I was wondering with WDS will the dividend be high in your view and paid in August ? Thanks and regards Glenn


Hi Glenn,

Whitehaven Coal (WHC): with WHC selling its coal in $US a weak $AUD is good for the business hence while hedging at 72c is excellent compared to average of the last 2-years its not as good as Fridays level ~68.2c. i.e. they are effectively transferring their $US back to $AU at 72c, not 68c.

Woodside Energy (WDS): the oil & gas operator is forecast to pay a US95c fully franked dividend on the 22nd of August and we have no reason to believe this will be too far off the mark.

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Woodside Energy Group (WDS)
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