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What are MM’s top picks for resources exposure?

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What are MM’s top picks for resources exposure?

Hi guys, still enjoy the daily reports and re-signed for another few years. I'll keep it short; I'd like to jump on some resources, but would prefer to maybe get an etf or the like. In your opinion, is there one which you would consider, or do you think buying a select few is still best practice. Not trying to match weights, just purely for resource exposure. Regards, Simon


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the vote of confidence. We’re thrilled that so many of our subscriber’s value what we do and continue to resubscribe. We’ll continue to work hard for you.

We do prefer selecting a few standout quality businesses with our top picks largely reflected by our Flagship Growth Portfolio i.e. BHP Group (BHP), Sandfire Resources (SFR), South32 (S32), Pilbabra Minerals (PLS) and Mineral Resources (MIN). We intend to use current weakness to accumulate resources stocks.

However, if we were to opt for an ETF to “KISS” our top pick would be the BetaShares (QRE) ETF, although this does have around 15% exposure to energy.

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BHP Group Ltd (BHP)
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