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MM’s Thoughts on WDS

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MM’s Thoughts on WDS

Hi MM, As the WDS share price keeps falling of late, I'm wondering what price would get you frantically hitting the "buy button" for one of your portfolios? If at all.... Also, do you know what the projected yield is for the upcoming dividend? Thanks, Darren


Hi Darren,

Impeccable timing, we discussed WDS in Thursdays report, with the conclusion being we are neutral towards the oil & gas producer around $27.50 preferring coal and uranium names for exposure to the energy sector – subscribers will know when this view changes.

I can see why investors are looking at WDS from a yield perspective as the stock slips towards $27 but that may reduce over time, the MM Site shows WDS is forecast to pay $1.18 in 2024 and $1.06 in 2025, remember it was $1.40 in 2023.

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Woodside Energy (WDS) v Crude Oil ($US/barrel)
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