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Your comments on some stocks please

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Your comments on some stocks please

Hi James, I have been out of the country for a month and have sort of lost touch. There are 5 stocks I would like to ask you about. These are: WDS, AWC, PPT, ILU, LYC. WDS - This stock seems to be going backwards, but, the price of oil is going upwards. This seems to be a contradiction to me. AWC - This stock has fallen a great deal. Is it possible that it might be a good buy now or is Aluminum going to be in the toilet for a long time yet again? PPT - I have invested a lot in this stock and it keeps going down. Should I be worried? The analyst forecasts are mostly positive. This is also a contradiction. ILU - This seems like it might be a good long term buy. It pays a reasonable dividend and it might really take off in a few years.LYC - Is it possible that this stock's day is FINALLY coming? Thank you, Paul



We hope it was a fun holiday! Due to the number of stocks involved we’ve given a quick one sentence answer to each:

  • WDS – we sold out of WDS in October and will consider re-entering ~$30, we took heed of the contrarian indicators.
  • AWC – every time we think it looks cheap it takes another leg lower, its in the too hard basket for us.
  • PPT – around $20 we believe the risk/reward favours a rally towards the $25 area, however, we recently sold out above $25 and are unlikely to re-enter this side of Christmas. We discuss in another question today.
  • ILU – exiting ILU above $11.50 has proved to be one of our best portfolio moves in 2023, its starting to look cheap around $7 but its still not in our Hitlist given the markets they operate in are in oversupply.
  • LYC – we like Lynas here, and continue to hold the stock in our Emerging Companies Portfolio. 
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Iluka Resources Ltd (ILU)
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