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Active Income Portfolio

The Market Matters Active Income Portfolio provides an active approach to income producing equities, ETFs and listed Income Securities – Click here to view

The portfolio edged +0.89% higher during the week while cash sits at ~2%. Service Stream (SSM) +7.77% was the standout while a bounce back in BHP +4.53% and Pendal (PDL) +4.29% also added to the ledger. The main drag was G8 Education (GEM) which fell by -5.45% while a -2.42% pullback in APA Group (APA) was also a negative influence. The composition of the portfolio sits at: 57% Equities, 37% Fixed Income, 4% Property & 2% Cash i.e. relatively conservative. The 4% held in the Crown Hybrid (CWNHB) will be repaid tomorrow and as such we are now looking for another position for the portfolio.

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