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What is MM’s yield estimate for SSM?

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What is MM’s yield estimate for SSM?

Hi James & team, Great work, enjoying all the insights. On 25 Mar re SSM you stated, "On a Est P/E of 16x and a near 10% yield, we like SSM around $1." Can you advise further regarding the yield estimate. I assume this is for 2023, is this a Shaw & Partners estimate? Another estimate I saw was 5.5cps or just over 5% yield for 2023. Cheers


Hi Kevin,

SSM is now trading at $1.02 and  market consensus estimates is for a 9.8% 12-month yield with the next 5c dividend expected in August – note they did pass on their previous two dividends however we expect them now to recommencing paying consistent dividends.

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Service Stream (SSM)
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