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Thoughts on Emeco (EHL) & Service Stream (SSM) please

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Thoughts on Emeco (EHL) & Service Stream (SSM) please

Hi MM, What is your current thinking on EHL & SSM. Your last comments appear to be from about 1 year ago.


Hi Peter,

Your right its been a while since we looked at EHL although SSM was discussed last month, they’ve both cost us money in the past, perhaps we’re developing an aversion to them!

Emeco Holdings (EHL) 80c – over 18-months ago this was the “dog” of our Growth Portfolio, this mining equipment rental business has failed to recover from Covid and if anything it continues to drift lower, we see no reason to re-consider EHL. Our preference in mining services would be NRW Holding (NWH) or SRG Global (SRG).

Service Stream (SSM) 68.5c – we sold out of our SSM position in our Active Income Portfolio last month for a painful loss although fortunately we only held a modest 3% exposure. While a turnaround is progressing, the time frame is likely to be an extended one hence we see better opportunities elsewhere. They report early in the new year so we are awaiting that update before making a more definitive call on this one.

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Emeco Holdings (EHL)
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