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Reporting Today (BPT, BEN, BSL, CAR, GPT, JBH, LLC, SWM)

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Companies reporting today on MM’s radar include:

  • Beach Energy (BPT) FY21 Results: Expectations for NPAT expected to be  $324m
  • Bendigo & Adelaide Bank (BEN) FY21 Results: Expectations for  Revenue of $1.7bn, NPAT of $464m, EPS of 87c & FY21 dividend of 51cps (2H dividend of 20cps). (BEN have reported cash earnings of $457.2m (a miss)
  • Bluescope (BSL) FY21 Results: Expectations for Revenue $12.83bn, EBITof $1.71bn, NPAT of $1.17bn & FY21 dividend of  32cps. FY22 expectations are high for BSL with significant growth expected, +17% at the revenue line with EBITDA +46% and  NPAT up another 65% in FY22 pushing the BSL P/E down to a forecasted 6x. (BSL have reported Revenue $12.87b (small beat), EBIT of $1.72bn (small beat) & an underlying NPAT of $1.19bn which was a strong beat. Divi of 25cps was below 32cps expected however they’ve topped up with a 19cps special dividend + they announced a $500m buy back. In terms of guidance, they see 1H underlying EBIT of $1.8-$2bn which consistent with expectations. Overall, a beat 
  • Carsales (CAR) FY21 Results: Expectations for Revenue of $428m, EBITDA $245.5m & NPAT of $145.5m. For FY22, the market is expecting top line revenue growth of 12% dropping down to a 24% uplift in NPAT. (CAR have reported NPAT of $152.8m (beat), EBITDA $254m (beat). In terms of guidance, they expected to deliver strong growth with strength more on the 2H. Overall, a beat
  • GPT Group (GPT) 1H 21 Results: Expectations for NPAT of $291.7m for the half
  • JB Hi-Fi (JBH) FY21 Results: Expectations for Revenue of $8.91bn, EBIT of $743m, NPAT of $502.5m which represents +65% growth at the profit line & FY21 dividend of $2.86. For FY22, the market is expecting a 5% decline in revenue and a bigger 20% decline in profit. (JBH have reported revenue of $8.92bn (inline), EBIT 743.1m (inline) & a NPAT of $506.1m (small beat), Final dividend $1.07  taking FY21 dividend to $2.08 which is well below expectations. No guidance issued. Overall, inline
  • Lendlease (LLC) FY21 Results: Expectations for Revenue $10.38bn, EBITDA $751m,  NPAT of $394.9m & a FY21 dividend of 28c. Current expectations for FY22 is for profit to jump ~70% to $501m.  (LLC have reported Core NPAT of $377m, a ~4% miss to expectations, dividend of 27c v 28c expected & their outlook  for FY22 is downbeat, pointing more towards a recovery in the outer years  While there is not a lot built into the stock, this will struggle I expect). Overall, a miss
  • Seven West Media (SWM): Expectations for FY21 Results:  NPAT of $119.7m.

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