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How much further can real estate stocks appreciate?

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How much further can real estate stocks appreciate?

If the Goldilocks scenario occurs in 2024 - interest rates drop but the economy avoids recession, I'm wondering, in rough percentage terms, how much appreciation is left in real estate stock prices? Stocks I'm thinking of are the stocks in the MM portfolios, CNI, DXS, LLC, NSR. Cheers, Nick


Hi Nick,

We touched on this very question in our Friday “What Matters Today” Report, and in-line with our strategic bullish shift towards the ASX we have lifted our target on the Property Sector. We had been targeting a test of the 1500 area, or a 25% bounce which has now be achieved in just a few weeks. However, after the Feds dramatic pivot we can see another 5-10% upside before we reassess or sector exposure, i.e. the Santa Rally appears to have more legs. As a consequence, the stocks mentioned above have further upside in our opinion.

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ASX200 Real Estate A-REIT Index
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