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LLC Director Purchases / Reaction to Results

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LLC Director Purchases / Reaction to Results

Hi MM, If I haven't missed today's cut-off, how much stock, so to speak, do you put into the recent director purchases on market announced today? Despite these purchases seeming like a decent show of faith at around current levels, the market doesn't seem to care much, if at all... Obviously, there is a fair bit of negative sentiment towards LLC at present. Despite the recent results, do you see the extent of the share price fall (not too far above $6.00 as at the time of writing) as overdone...or as justified in the circumstances? Thanks, Darren


Hi Darren,

A late question so excuse the brief answer. A reminder we have a midday cut-off on Friday all – Thanks.

This week’s result by LLC was awful, especially following closely on the heels of December’s update, how can they be so far off in just a few months? Hence it’s going to take a serious amount of buying by insiders to win back investors’ confidence. That said, yes, it is an incremental positive and even trading ex-dividend on Friday, LLC closed higher, so we think the stock is at/near a low, in line with our view around their earnings recovery.

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