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Flagship Growth Portfolio

The Market Matters Flagship Growth Portfolio provides an active approach to investing in ASX listed large cap stocks – Click here to view

The MM Growth Portfolio fell -5.65% last week pretty much in-line with the market, we maintain a 2% cash position. We enjoyed strong performances from our gold holdings with Northern Star (NST) +2.2% and Newcrest (NCM) +0.7% while HUB24 (HUB) almost held its ground slipping just -0.19% but it was a very different story from a variety of names e.g. NRW Holdings (NWH) -13.6%, Alumina (AWC) -11.5% and QBE Insurance (QBE) -9.14%.

Today we have looked at one stock we are considering on the sell side as we aim to concentrate our portfolio in-line with MM’s outlook through 2022,  however there are a couple of other names like NRW Holdings (NWH) and tech in general if / when we get a bounce over the coming weeks we are looking to sell / lighten.

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