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What are MM’s thoughts on RUL and NST?

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What are MM’s thoughts on RUL and NST?

Dear James and Team, Well done on your great Growth Portfolio performance figures. Great numbers across all time periods. My first question relates to RUL. With a possible outperformance of small vs large caps in 2024 what is your view on RUL. After a good run in June it has come back a bit. Not many brokers cover the stock hence my question to you. Second question. I know you have spoken about a possible switch from NCM to NST. If you did not own NCM would you consider buying NST into its recent 20% pull back? Keep up the great work. Charles


Hi Charles,

Thanks for the feedback on our performance, its one of the ways we gauge ourselves at MM.

RPMGlobal (RUL) – this is a $360mn mining software business, its not a business we are close to but it looks great on the charts around $1.50 and we will start to watch/listen through the 2H. Reoccurring software revenue continues to grow at a strong rate and this is driving solid growth in earnings.

As for Northern Star (NST), the simple answer is yes, we are keen to have gold exposure medium term and after correcting ~25% we are considering accumulating NST for our Flagship Growth Portfolio.

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RPMGlobal Holdings (RUL)
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