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What are MM’s thoughts on gold stocks EVN & NST?

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What are MM’s thoughts on gold stocks EVN & NST?

Still enjoying the daily insights & rationale. Is NST a buy circa $10? A good interim dividend, but down 17% in the month & more from it's recent high hit in early February. With the strengthened US$ & yields a recent headwind, if in the longer term a repeat decline of both these factors may be a tailwind for the sector. With cash on hand, will you be looking to potentially increase weighting and dollar coast average your EVN position? If so, what would the lower entry price you would be targeting for EVN if you were to add exposure as EVN has also significantly retraced? Thanks, Bernie


Hi Bernie,

We continue to like the gold sector medium/long term but for the reasons you mentioned short term further downside wouldn’t surprise. We are overweight the sector hence will not be averaging into further weakness if it eventuates but we would be buying into dips if we held no position:

Northern Star (NST) $10.81 – yes, we still like NST into weakness ~$10.

Evolution Mining (EVN) $2.83 – similarly we like EVN ~$2.70 but following its average result we would be more likely to opt for NST.


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Evolution Mining (EVN) vs Northern Star (NST)
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