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MM’s view on NWH

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MM’s view on NWH

Hi James, Just read this morning’s MM report (14 Oct) and in particular the bit on NXL where you reference GEM, NWH, NXL and WGX being dropped out of the ASX200. I don’t hold NXL but I do hold NWH. Does your NXL comment "(NXL) is a perfect example of a stock being in the too hard basket as it drops out of major indices” also then relate to NWH? Or are the mining and infrastructure tailwinds enough to justify a “hold” ? - Regards Jan P


Hi Jan,

At this stage NWH is not one of our success stories of the last 12-months but at current levels we believe its cheap for the reasons you’ve mentioned in the question. The stocks rallied 20% over the last few weeks as the Resources Sector has enjoyed a strong bid and we believe both will be ongoing into Christmas with our initial target for NWH at least 10% higher.

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NRW Holdings (NWH)
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