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Should we ride NRW Holdings?

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Should we ride NRW Holdings?

Hi James, We have held NRW in our Super Fund since the interim result in August 21. Boy its been a wild ride! The stock has been moving up and down in quick swings of 10 to 15% in both directions, on no real news. The only announcements by the company over this period have been contract wins and in line guidance at their AGM. Their result last week was good and now the stock has risen by 33% since February 15, at $2.21 as I write. How long can this continue?


Hi Les,

NRW Holdings (NWH) $2.08 – we believe the volatility could easily last for a few years! NRW is a notoriously choppy stock that we regrettably sold recently to make room for other positions…

If we were still on board we would be selling into current strength.

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NRW Holdings (NWH)
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