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If Newmont’s bid for NCM is successful how do I cash in?

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If Newmont’s bid for NCM is successful how do I cash in?

Hi If we assume that Newmont's bid for Newcrest gets over the line at some point and Aussie shareholders get Newmont shares in return, how can they convert those to cash if they don't want to hold the US listed shares? As far as I can see NEM isn't listed on the ASX so I don't see an easy way for shareholders to exit Newmont - or am I missing something? I'm not an NCM shareholder and I'm not considering buying any so I don't have any vested interest in the deal. Cheers, Carl


Hi Carl,

We would assume if Newmont (NEM US) are successful, they would create a dual listing structure, so the merged entity would remain listed on the ASX.  One of the reasons why they would do this deal is to tap into the funding pool in Australia, so a listing here makes total sense. Holders could then sell their stock if they wanted to as normal.


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Newmont Corp (NEM) v Newcrest (NCM) in $US
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