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International Equities Portfolio

The Market Matters International Equities Portfolio is a high conviction direct international equities portfolio that targets well known global brands – Click here to view

The MM International Equities Portfolio fell -2.02% during the week while cash remains at 4%. The main headwind on performance came from The Trade Desk (TTD US) which fell by -16.39% on no specific company news, simply the move out of high value tech. PayPal (PYPL) & Microsoft (MSFT) were also caught up in the move down -8.95% & -3.96% respectively. On the flipside, the resource stocks in this portfolio did well, both BHP and Glencore up more than 6%.

A few tweaks to this portfolio are front of mind in the coming days / weeks including the below:

Buys: We are considering increasing our tech exposure into weakness for the next few months with Google Alphabet (GOOGL US) and / or  Netflix (NFLX US) options after recent weakness – note this is unlikely to be a long term increase in tech exposure.

Sells: Reducing Wells Fargo (WFC US) and BHP (LN) as the stock delists in London.

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