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RIC recently caught my eye with a fairly small ($30k) director on-market purchase. Another pro, the chart looks good to me. However, it appears their growth forward may be in question as the 24H1 report shows overall decreasing numbers. One final point I noticed is that the directors are taking some of their renumeration in stock. I have two questions. Firstly, what are your overall thoughts on RIC? Secondly, I noticed that directors receiving part of their remuneration in stock is fairly commonplace on the ASX – how do you view this? Thanks!

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AX1,I have and want to know does it have any growth in the next 12 months,
I looking for income from my SMSF with dividends,I had [email protected]/[email protected] +dividends ,is S32 and DRR and TLS good value with dividends and growth.

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Hi MM,

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Good morning James and team,
First of all I want to thank you for the great information and insights you provide on a daily basis. I’m very sure the best investment I did by far in the last few years was to subscribe to MM.

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Hello MM,
On the 23.3.24 you replied to a question from Wayne about ZIP. So, considering that answer now do you consider ZIP a buy??

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Is Qantas share price a buy at current level $5.80 in term of risk and reward ? Thanks.

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Hello MM,
This is my first question, so I’m testing the waters.
Current price of GEN is 0.09 with a 12-month outlook of possibly reaching 0.48 according to my research. Do you consider this a worthy company for investment.

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Just curious about JIN the latest report dates back to 2022 (which I stand to be corrected) – any further analysis or guidance you may have?

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Hi guys
I asked you about van eck etf lend when it first came out and you guys said it was new to the market and would have a look at it
I like the private equity theme and it so far has been returning 10% pa in monthly dividends ( not sure if this will continue long term)
But my concern is that it charges 0.65% management fee but also in its pds it says it also has an estimate of indirect costs of 4.92% pa
And gives an example of if you had $50000 invested then you would be charged $2785 pa
I dont understand how this works would your share value be deducted by this amount each year or is this amount taken out of the pool for dividends before it is distributed
If seems quite a big fee which would make me re consider my investment

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MM recommended SNOW in the international equities portfolio on 1 March and it has dropped around ~7%. Has MM reconsidered it position and will you look at selling if it drops another 2-3%?

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