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Best way to play the Tech stock rally

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Best way to play the Tech stock rally

Hi James, Your views are always appreciated... With your positive outlook for tech into the end of the year, is it worth considering the ETF ATEC, or do you think the rally will be more stock specific (particularly in Australia) and therefore any positive move will be too diluted in a broad ETF?


Hi Tony,

There are numerous ways of “playing” this call which undoubtedly wont all come out equal come Christmas day, at this stage we would pick out 3 for very different reasons depending on an investors goal/risk appetite:

  1. Altium (ALU) $37.55 – we believe this is a top quality ASX tech name which looks destined to break well above $40 into 2023. This would be a No 1 large cap tech pick.
  2. Xero (XRO) $69.00 – after falling 60% in 2022 this online accounting stocks could squeeze sharply into 2023 but at this stage its more of a aggressive play than ALU in our opinion.
  3. BetaShares NSDAQ ETF (NDQ) – we hold this ASX traded ETF in our Macro ETF  Portfolio, we can see it rallying 10-15% into Christmas.
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Altium (ALU)
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