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Switching into Growth stocks

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Switching into Growth stocks

To the MM team, I would like your view on when you think the timings would be right to start tilting the MM Active Growth portfolio to a more "High Growth" bias. Would your view be driven by markets / individual share momentum or a definite top in bond rates? Then with that in mind, what are views about CTD? Keep up the great work. Charles


Hi Charles,

We believe the Active Growth Portfolio is already tilted towards growth but not discretionary spending such as Corportae Travel (CTD). Our positioning within the portfolio is likely to be largely determined by our macro view towards China and bond yields at the time but its unlikely to be heavily skewed towards consumer spending into 2024.

  • We are looking for bond yields to fall which implies an economic slowdown which is not good for average consumer.
  • China is a separate case as they try and lift their economy out of the doldrums post COVID lockdowns.
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Corportae Travel Management (CTD)
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