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Switching from Wisr to Liberty?

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Switching from Wisr to Liberty?

Hi James, Interested in your thoughts on switching out of WZR and into LFG. WZR has lots of potential and should be attractive to others as they approach a $1b loan book. They should also start to turn a profit in the next few quarters. The price drop in LFG makes it attractive from a yield perspective, although somewhat illiquid with insto’s continuing to hold their IPO allocation. Much appreciated Simon


Hi Simon,

LFG is actually one I participated in from the IPO, however sold it not that long after. I can see your reason to look for an alternative  in a portfolio to Wisr (WZR), we recently cut our position in the MM Emerging Markets Portfolio however that was a call more about the alternative finance space generally  which has become very crowded. We’ve taken the view that while there is a place for alternative finance, competition is key and the market has become very competitive at a time when house hold savings rates are at historical highs and house prices have rallied significantly. That means consumers can either dip into elevated savings or draw down equity in their home loan which is far cheaper.  We may revisit once we see a decline in household savings rates and or a decline in house prices.


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