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Question on ethical stocks

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Question on ethical stocks

Good morning. I have decided to purchase some shares in an ethical stock for grandchildren. Can you advise, please, on some credible ones or funds from which I could choose? I appreciate that you do not recommend ‘buys’ but perhaps could indicate a few from which I might choose. Thank you. Brian


Hi Brian, firstly, apologies for missing this question last week. It was an oversight.

The ethical question is one we’re getting more often and my standard answer is, ethics are very individual. I appreciate that it’s about acting with integrity, having a sound moral compass and the like however the broader concept of investing in ethical companies, producing ethical products or services in my view is a very personal decision.

That said, there are now a lot of funds out there that have an ethical overlay to them based on what and how they do things. I think Bloomberg has a rating system on this however I m not 100% across it.

The ETF provider Betashares has a number of funds designed to cater for this move, with their Australia focused ETF FAIR a good place to start, while they’ve recently listed a Climate Change ETF under code ERTH, if that is your tilt.

In FAIR, Telstra (TLS) is actually their largest holding followed by Xero (XRO), Resmed (RMD), Sonic Healthcare (SHL) then Goodman Group (GMG).

More information can be found here 

FAIR has marginally under performed the ASX since listing.


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Betashares Australian Sustainability Leaders ETF (FAIR)
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