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Global Macro ETF Portfolio

The Market Matters Global Macro ETF Portfolio Tracks our top 10 global macro calls, and provide avenues to trade them via ASX and internationally listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) – Click here to view

The portfolio slipped -0.49% over the past week and -1.07% through August although the only position to move by over 5% in the last week of August was our volatility position (VXX US) which fell -5.3%.  Again no major change here with most positions quiet through the week and we maintain the same plans moving forward as we look to tidy this portfolio to clearly / accurately reflect our macro outlook:

  • We like the local BetaShares Global Energy Companies ETF (FUEL) around todays ~$4.20 area.
  • We are looking to take a 14-15% profit on our BetaShares ASX200 Tech ETF (ATEC)  position which has reached our target area.
  • We like the ETFS Battery Tech & Lithium ETF (ACDC) into  weakness towards the 85 area, or 6-8% lower.
  • We like the ProShares Short 20+ year US Treasury ETF (TBF US) ideally into new lows ~$US15.75
In the near future MM is looking to switch between the local ETF’s ATEC and FUEL
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BetaShares ASX200 Tech ETF (ATEC) ETF v BetaShares Global Energy Companies ETF (FUEL)
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