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Is it time top average or cut Whitehaven Coal (WHC)?

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Is it time top average or cut Whitehaven Coal (WHC)?

I have been holding onto WHC but it just seems to keep falling. Your last comment was long and bullish around $7 but it is now well below that figure. Has the elastic band stretched to far and is a rebound expected? Should I average down? Thanks for your insights.


Hi Peter,

We were inundated with questions around Whitehaven Coal (WHC) on Wednesday which is no surprise with the stock falling around -6%, albeit on a very weak day for local stocks. However, this poor day was compounded what’s been an tougher 6 months for the coal miner with it having dropped -49% from last Octobers high, above $11.

MM caught this particular falling knife closer to $8 which looked good at the time with the stock ~25% below its 2022 high but as has been the trend of late the weak keep getting weaker and WHC has now dropped to around $6 placing our existing position under pressure – we’re glad its only a 4% exposure.

The reason we bought WHC was our view that fossil fuels will be in demand longer than many hope/believe over the coming years but with the commodity now down around 70% from last years high we have been too optimistic short-term. However on balance we do believe the sector will recover through 2023/4:

  • MM is staying long WHC but at this stage we have no interest in increasing our position.
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Whitehaven Coal Ltd (WHC)
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