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What does MM think of Core Lithium (CXO)?

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What does MM think of Core Lithium (CXO)?

What is your feeling about Core lithium cxo Thank you


Hi Hans,

Core Lithium (CXO) first appeared on MM’s radar in June 2022, we haven’t covered the stock since, preferring the major players such as Pilbara (PLS). Technically, CXO has been trading in an 80c – $1.60 range and we wouldn’t be surprised to see both extremes tested again over the coming 6-months – implying that it’s volatile.

We like the broader theme around Lithium and have a preference for Australian based producers. Interestingly, some comments from IGO this week around demand were telling, saying that demand from Europe & Asia remained very strong for their product, but less so out of America because IGO have a Chinese partner.  This is a theme we are hearing more and we should certainly be conscious of it moving forward.

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Core Lithium (CXO)
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