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Thoughts on Boral (BLD)

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Thoughts on Boral (BLD)

Hi James, I have not been receiving answers to my questions? Specifically BLD Boral sent last week and a previous  question on Hybrids. Could you take a look please?


Hi Richard,

I’m really sorry we missed your questions, I cannot see them in our system. Just checking you are asking them through the Q&A section of the website here.

You can also go onto that page, search a stocks code and that will bring up any questions that have been asked and answered on a particular stock, just type the stock code in.

I have looked at BLD below and if you resend your query on Hybrids I will respond.

Manufacturer and supplier of building materials company BLD edged lower earlier in the week after its half year result revealed the COVID damage to earnings, not too bad but it didn’t bring buyers out in any numbers – NPAT was down 12% to $145mn. However the main point of note with the stock is the recent $3bn return of surplus cash to shareholders i.e. the cash distribution was the equivalent to $2.72 per share hence the stocks plunge on the charts.

At current levels we’re neutral BLD preferring CSR in the sector.


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Boral (BLD)
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