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What are your preferred travel Stocks: WEB / CTD / FLT?

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What are your preferred travel Stocks: WEB / CTD / FLT?

To the MM team, I understand the timing may not be quite right but if you wanted to start building a position in travel stocks, which would be your preferred travel stock at present: FLT, WEB or CTD? They all seem to offer reasonable value and some good medium term growth prospects. Thanks, Charles


Hi Charles,

Post COVID we have preferred CTD over both FLT and WEB, the latter two had to run to the market with cap in hand to survive while CTD also raised money but it was to buy Travel and Transport Inc.

  • FLT raised $700mn at $7.20 and WEB $275mn at $1.70.
  • The stocks were trading on Friday at $18.14 and $6.55 respectively, clearly good buying into the COVID panic.
  • CTD raised $375mn to buy Travel & Transport at $13.85, its trading ~$18 into Christmas.

Buying the panic in WEB & FLT has proved more profitable over recent years but we prefer the quality of CTD moving forward.

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Corporate Travel Mgt. (CTD)
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