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Thoughts on Lithium & Gold

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Thoughts on Lithium & Gold

Hi, Would like to get your opinion on Lithium and Gold miners. I currently hold NST & MIN and the both have dropped >20%. In copper what’s is your opinion of AIS. It has gone up a lot recently but the valuation is still quite cheap. Thanks again for the opportunity to ask questions. Tania.


Hi Tania,

A few questions here hence I’ve separated them out:

  • In general we are bullish both lithium and gold miners at current levels with both sectors having been touched on in a couple of our reports this week.
  • We like NST for at least 25% upside moving forward but we are less enthusiastic around MIN due to its large portion of revenue being derived form iron ore i.e. its should bounce from here but we only regard it as short-term buy.
  • In the copper space we prefer OZ Minerals (OZL) and as a valuation play Sandfire Resources (SFR) but I would say that Aeris Resources (AIS) moves pretty much in line with the copper price which implies it will at least mirror moves in OZL.
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Mineral Resources (MIN)
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