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Can MM please clarify your thoughts on Regal Partners (RPL)?

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Can MM please clarify your thoughts on Regal Partners (RPL)?

Hi guys Im a bit confused Last sat i asked your thoughts on rpl and you said it had underperformed since covid and mm had no interest in the stock In todays report only 4 days later you have said that mm is long and bullish on rpl Can you please clarify your position on this stock please Thanks Tony


Hi Tony,

Sorry about the confusion – the answer from last Saturday was wrong. If you visit the RPL company page on the MM Website Here, you can see that we bought the stock on the 10th November at $2.89 and it still resides in our Emerging Companies Portfolio.  We then covered our view on Wednesday which is correct…Apologies again, it’s hard to take a holiday in a business like this!

The alternative asset manager announced their December FUM update last week, with the numbers somewhat disappointing, though shares were propped up thanks to investment commitments made since the start of the new year. Negative mark-to-market changes weighed on Funds Under Management (FUM) in the final quarter of 2022 with total FUM falling $300m to $5.1b despite positive net inflows of $200m.  The risk with Regal is all around Phil King, and as we saw with Hamish Douglas, having a such heavy reliance on one individual creates risk. Broadening RPL’s exposure to a broader range of asset classes & strategies, with a wider team of portfolio managers creates a lower-risk model, which we applaud.

Importantly, the group still has plenty of dry powder on their balance sheet and will look at more M&A opportunities following the successful integration of VGI in 2022. Given the alternative investment mandates that Regal offer, we expect FUM flows to rebound as more investors look for less market-linked returns.

MM remains bullish & long RPL in the Emerging Companies Portfolio.

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Regal Partners (RPL)
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