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What does MM think of Weebit Nano (WBT)?

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What does MM think of Weebit Nano (WBT)?

Hi James, It is with great interest I read your in-depth What Matters Today and Match Out news and portfolio moves daily. I enjoy listening to relevant takes on the Cob as well. For all of that I thank you. Now to my question. What do you think of WBT? I have had this stock on my watch list for awhile and missed the boat investing in it before the last bull run up. Now after dropping significantly I wonder if it is worth consideration again? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Maureen,

Thanks for the words of encouragement much appreciated.

Weebit Nando (WBT) is a $917mn business which develops silicon oxide resistant random access memory technology for the semiconductor industry. The WA based company’s products are used in many areas including smartphones, healthcare and cloud data centre device connectivity.

The first observation that’s easy to see is the stocks extremely volatile having rallied 450% from its October low before tumbling 50% over the last 4 weeks. The company was hoping to  post its 1st revenue this year but the market’s reaction to Januarys quarterly report has been poor – while they clearly botched the recent capital raise.

There’s a lot evolving with this business and its not one we claim to watch carefully hence we have to comment from a technical perspective – we like WBT while it holds above $4 hence the risk rewards looks ok at $5 considering the stock’s recent volatility.  We would advocate using a stop loss placed below $4 on this volatile stock.

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Weebit Nano Ltd (WBT)
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