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Question on CSL SPP

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Question on CSL SPP

Is it worthwhile to subscribe to CSL SPP which closes on 7/2/22? Kindly advise   Thank you Beng


Hi Beng,

Given the shares are below the raise price of $273, the determining calculation is based on a 2% discount to the average price of the stock for the 5 days leading up to the close. In this case, from the 1st Feb up to and including the 7th Feb. At this stage, and bearing in mind there is still Monday to go, the volume weighted average price of CSL is $259.45 subject to a 2% discount which equates to a price of $254.26. While we like CSL, remaining long and bullish, we are comfortable with our current weighting, and there is not enough ‘fat’ in the deal for us at this stage.


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