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PLS: a buy at these levels?

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PLS: a buy at these levels?

Hi Team, I know you are bullish PLS and have discussed interest in buying into weakness. Would you consider the current levels low enough to warrant interest. I’ve been watching PLS prices dipping for a while, and wonder if the ‘bottom’ is nigh. Thank you for your insights and informative commentary every day.


Hi Iona,

Please excuse the brevity here but the question came in after our midday deadline.

  • we do believe the lithium stocks have entered an accumulation zone as analyst sentiment towards the sector reaches very bearish/contrarian levels.
  • Our preferred major for lithium exposure is Minerals Resources (MIN) which we hold in our Active Growth Portfolio stock.
  • However, we do believe PLS has become good risk/reward buying into dips i.e. around current levels
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Pilbara Minerals Ltd (PLS)
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