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Is it time to buy the BBOZ bearish / defensive ETF?

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Is it time to buy the BBOZ bearish / defensive ETF?

Hi James, With all the negative macro headwinds negative technical picture, are you thinking about buying BBOZ soon to protect the portfolio? Thanks


Hi Alex,

You  never have enough cash & / or hedging in place when a market falls over 9% in just 4-weeks.

So far MM has migrated our portfolios to a more defensive stance but we do anticipate increasing cash further & / or taking some hedging positions through 2022/23 – but not into oversold weakness – its all  matter of ideal timing, for now we still believe the ASX200 can bounce towards 7250 but as the saying goes watch this space.

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BetaShares Australian Equities Strong Bear Hedge Fund (BBOZ)
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