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What is MM’s overall Investment Strategy?

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What is MM’s overall Investment Strategy?

As a new investor in the stockmarket can you speak/give advice about investment strategy. eg. buying and holding stocks versus trading stocks for profit/loss. Dividend reinvestment plans in order to increase portfolio size versus banking dividends as profit.


Hi Michael,

This a huge subject that is often the topic of a whole book, we will be providing an Education Seminar in the coming months which will be an ideal place for you to start building some foundations for your investment journey. A couple of early pointers:

  • Trading is a specialist profession, if you can break even in your first 1-2 years its a good result.
  • At MM we are advocates of “Active investing” as opposed to buying & holding but our average position is held for over 6-months.
  • As a new investor you need to understand your individual personality and form a strategy accordingly.

In simple terms successful investing comes down to the combination of a methodology, money management & psychology with all 3 equally important in our opinion- work on all 3 not just the fun stuff!

In terms of our approach, we combine top-down macro-economic research with bottom-up stock picking. We combine technical indicators with fundamental research to (hopefully) pick solid investments that we can hold for months to years, depending how they play out.  Dividend reinvestment is a personal choice, for those looking to grow their pool of capital by holding stocks for long periods, it makes sense, but for our strategy where we are more nimble, we don’t participate in dividend reinvestments, we take the cash and allocate it from there.

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