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How does one connect as you suggested.

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How does one connect as you suggested.

Dear James, I wanted to try the example of how to connect CBA data etc. It is even your example but the instructions are a bit short on. How about running us novices through it. Maybe also how about telling me how to connect your own broker, CommSec in my case. That's not clear. Thanks Ross


Hi Ross – you’re absolutely right, instructions on the site are few and far between – they should be better. Once you have logged into the site, to connect a broker, select the Membership dropdown, scroll down to Your Preferred Online Broker. Either select one that is there or type in the domain address if it is not, we will have it added.

In terms of CBA data, not sure what you are referring to here, but in the new financial year we will be sure to expand our ‘site manual’. If you have any specific questions, the team is always available on the phone, simply call the office on 1300 301 868

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