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What are MM’s favourite ETF’s for US exposure?

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What are MM’s favourite ETF’s for US exposure?

Can you list some of the better eft’s that you can buy on the asx for exposure to the usa’s s&p 500?


Hi Andrew,

There are a number of ways to play the US S&P 500 via ETF’s on the ASX, a couple of our favourites are:

  1. iShares Core S&P500 which follows large cap stocks – code IVV mgt. fee 0.04%.
  2. iShares S&P500 AUD hedged – code IHVV mgt. fee 0.1%
  3. BetaShares S&P500 equal weight ETF – code QUS mgt. fee 0.29%.

These give some options around currency hedging and are all underpinned by the S&P50o.

image description
iShares S&P500 ETF (IVV)
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