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Bega (BGA) & Seven Group (SVW) – when to buy?

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Bega (BGA) & Seven Group (SVW) – when to buy?


Just wondering can I ask a question on BGA , I like it but what price do you think it is at buy and sell? and SVW same question what is a buy price and sell .....and do you think these companies are a long term hold over all.

Thanks Glenn


Hi Glenn,

  • Bega Cheese (BGA) – has traded sideways for the last 6-years so we would “play the range” i.e. sell above $7 and buy below $4 until the dynamics change. Their report on Friday was solid after a transformational year for the company, having essentially doubled in size.
  • Seven Group (SVW) – MM is neutral / bearish today around $21.50 but we could consider accumulating into weakness 5-10% lower.

We ‘re not planning to invest in BGA or SVW for the foreseeable future.

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Bega Cheese (BGA)
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