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Looking at “GARY” stocks

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Looking at “GARY” stocks

Thanks MM for the great reports this year. What is your preferred GARY stock & or ETF, in the US market, in the big Pharma space? Cheers Jill


Hi Jill,

Thanks for the positive feedback, always much appreciated.

Firstly a GARY stock refers to a company which offers “Growth at reasonable yield”.

Finding a big pharma company either in the US or Australia is an extremely tough proposition, you need to be patient to see the growth eventually deliver some yield as the stock performs  e.g. today CSL Ltd (CSL) yields just over 1% and United Health Group (UNH US) 1.3%.

I would be inclined to pick a couple of stocks as opposed to an ETF which would chew up what yield was on offer, we like both of the ones mentioned above.

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CSL Limited (CSL)
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