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Ampol vs Viva

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Ampol vs Viva

Hi James, why do you prefer Ampol to Viva Energy? I thought Viva has a much bigger dividend, but am concerned with its debt level.


Hi Jacky,

Both Ampol (ALD) and Viva (VEA) have enjoyed similar paths over the past 12 months, they are likely to pay a similar dividend around 3.20% over the coming 12 months and are essentially enjoying very similar dynamics, hence the correlation in their share prices. ALD does run slightly higher net debt however they’re a bigger business – i.e. ALD generates ~$31bn in revenue with net debt expected to be $2.5bn this year while VEA generates ~$21bn and carries net debt of ~$1.5bn, with both enjoying similar sort of profit margins. These are two high quality, defensive stocks.

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Ampol (ALD) & Viva Energy (VEA)
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