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Hi James, Would appreciate your views on A2M, HUH, NVX, APX Regards Khaled


Hi Khaled,

Three (maybe 4) stocks that have certainly endured a few years to remember but as we’ve seen with the BNPL space over the last week stocks / sectors can turn hard and fast:

a2 Milk (A2M) – Arguably the markets greatest fall from grace over the last 2-years, the dairy producer is still down 77% from its 2020 high. The potential for improved Australia – China relations and the current world shortage of baby formula should be helping A2M but alas they’re are no signs yet. While we see limited downside from current levels there are no compelling reasons to fight the bears at this stage.

(HUH) – I’m sorry not sure which company you mean here.

Novonix ( NVX) – this Australia-based battery materials and technology company is starting to show signs of a bounce after collapsing more than 84% post its December’21 high. Its not one for us but as an aggressive play / trade we could technically go long with stop under $2.50, or 12% risk.

Appen (APX) – probably A2M’s biggest rival for largest disappointment post Covid, the stocks fallen almost 90% from its Sept’20 high with few meaningful bounces along the way. We see no reason to buy this tech business without a fresh catalyst.  We’ve written a number of times about APX and their reliance on a small subset of large tech companies for their earnings.  We (and the company) know this is a risk hence why they stepped back from providing granular guidance to the market in exchange for large aspirational targets. Not one for us in the near term.


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a2 Milk (A2M)
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