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International Equities Portfolio

The Market Matters International Equities Portfolio is a high conviction direct international equities portfolio that targets well known global brands – Click here to view

MM’s International Equities portfolio endured a tough week falling -2.43% as China facing names and Apple Inc (AAPL US) came under pressure – cash sits at ~9%.

There are a couple of risks that MM are mindful of with this portfolio, not surprisingly some overlap to previous portfolios:

  • MM has key underlying risk that global equities turn lower but we remain bullish looking for Asia to take the lead over the coming months.
  • We still have a large exposure to US tech in our portfolio which we believe will underperform over the next 6-months hence this may be tweaked lower over the coming months.
  • A large portion of our portfolio is held in $US which MM believes will fall against the $A into 2022 and beyond which will detract a little from performance.
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MSCI World Equities index
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