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Two IGL directors selling large parcels of shares – any cause for concern?

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Two IGL directors selling large parcels of shares – any cause for concern?

Hi IVE Group's share price has dropped over 5% in early trading on Monday 27/11. There are two change of directors interest notices for off market trades of 5m shares each at $1.925. Directors selling large parcels below the current price is never a good look in my opinion. Is there any reason to be concerned or do they just need some cash? Are there any whispers about the reason for the sales? Cheers, Carl


Hi Carl,

No one likes a Director/Chair selling, in this case the Selig family offloaded 5m shares at a decent discount to the last price of nearly 5%. Sizable block trades will often go at a discount if a substantial shareholder is letting some stock go. That discount tends to be larger when an insider lets some go as was the case here with Executive Chairman Geoff Selig and his brother, also a director, Paul reducing their holding again after a number of similar transactions over the last 12 months.  As a point of interest, our data shows his average price was $1.41, selling last week at $1.90.

No reason has been provided by the Selig’s as for the sell down which doesn’t help investor confidence, also coming off the back of a weaker FY23 result in August.

We do like this stock although it is at the pointy end of economic activity which dictates marketing budgets.

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