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Should I sell down my portfolio at current levels?

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Should I sell down my portfolio at current levels?

Good day From the commentary of a lot of people is that we will see a pullback around September /October and then a strong run into December . I am considering selling down a good percentage of a portfolio of stocks I own but not sure of a good time to sell . I realise this is timing the market but I am prepared to risk for some protection of the portfolio. Can you recommend a rough guide to sell in Aug/sept and buy back in December ? Thanks Paul M


Hi Paul,

We provide general advice only at Market Matters which means that it is not advice tailored to any specific individual.  What you do with your portfolio is ultimately your call. In terms of what we have done with ours, we have migrated our Flagship Growth Portfolio down the risk curve over recent weeks including taking our cash position up to 9%.

  • Our preferred scenario is the market pulls back over the coming months but we would have no hesitation taking our cash position to say 20% if we thought stocks were trading at crazy valuations etc.
  • One comment I would make is the crowd is often wrong hence we’re comfortable having increased our flexibility as opposed to aggressively selling stocks.

However in terms of pure levels MM does think the markets at least likely to stall around the 7000 area, time we tell whether it then delivers a meaningful correction & / or excellent buying opportunity.

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